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She graduated from Ewha Woman’s University (Korea), and achieved her M.D from Dept. of Art education in Chungang University (Korea), also completed courses at SVA, NYU in New York.

She participated in 70 times of solo shows, Art Fairs and over 110 times of group exhibitions in and out of New York, Seoul and all around the world.


She awarded prizes among many other recognitions she has been granted,

The 8th IAEWO, NGO-UN World Peace Art Festival (Excellent Prize),

The 35nd Korea Art Contest (Excellent Prize), best Award at the 5th DCA Advertisement Publicity Competition.

She served as the president of WWW group, a member of AAWAA New York, member of Korea Fine Art Association, and Seoul Fine Art Association, Art Mission, professor of Institute for Korea Broadcasting & Art Education Development. Etc.


-2018 [Minhwa, Meet the Hyundai : Flower Painting of  Chosun Dynasty] participation in the exhibition

-2017 G-SMATT Media Façade Project around the city of Seoul

-2017 Donga-Ilbo New Year’s Special Issue front page cover artist

-2016 Collaboration in progress with FP Group calendar project

-2016 Package design of Sulwhasoo limited edition cosmetic line in collaboration with Amore Pacific

-2016 Collaboration in progress with FP Group calendar project

-2015 Painting work Selected and housed by Art Bank of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea.

-And many other works selected and owned by a number of companies and corporations.




2018. 2.10-3.4 Time and Space, Sarang art gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018. 1.4-1.23 富貴榮華 Time and Space (Nez-a-Nez)+ab gallery Seoul, Korea

2017. 7.8-28 Time & Space (Gallery TOAST, Seoul, Korea)

2017. 3.16-5.24 時空間-Time & Space (Art One Gallery, Wanchai, HongKong)

2017. 2.8-15 Time & Space (KBS gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 10.17-11.12 Time & Space (Y Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 9.17-29 Time & Space (Gallery O, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 6.27-8.1 Time & Space (KimJaeSun Gallery, Busan, Korea)

2016. 6.9-25 Time & Space (Baum Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 4.10-5.9 Time & Space ((Nez-a-Nez)+ab Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 4.21-24 Time & Space (Art and Life, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2015. 6.22-7.12 Time & Space, H gallery (Hyundai Department, KyungKi, Korea)

2014. 12.19-30 Time & Space (Asan Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014. 9.1-30 Time & Space (Eco Femme, Cafe Lei, Seoul, Korea)

2006. 5. Solo Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

2005. 2. Solo Exhibition – Here Right Now (Gallery32, NY, USA)

2004. 6. Solo Exhibition (Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea)




2018. 8.23-26 Asia Hotel Art Fair- AHAF (Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul ,Korea)

2018. 6.27-7.1 PLAS-Contemporary Art Show (COEX D Hall, Seoul, Korea)

2018. 4.23-26. An’C H Art Fair (Art and Company Hyundai Dept, Mok-dong, Seoul, Korea)

2018. 4.19-22. ART BUSAN 2018 Bexco Exhibition Center 1 (KimJaeSun Gallery, Buasn, Korea)

2017.9.21-24. KIAF Korea International Art Fair (Nine Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2017. 3.10-12 35th Korea Galleries Art Fair (Nine Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2017.3 Ankara Art’a kalan (ab Gallery, Ankara, Turkey)

2016. 11.10-14 3rd Zhongsan Art Fair (Gallery BAUM, 중산 손문기념관, Zhongsan, China)

2016. 11.2-6 Daegu Art Fair (Gallery BAUM. EXCO, Daegu, Korea)

2016. 10.12-16 KIAF Korea International Art Fair (Nine Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 8.18-8.21 3rd With Art Fair (Nine Gallery. GrandIntercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul, Korea)

2016. 7.7-10 GIAF (Gallery BAUM, CECO, Changwon, Korea)

2016. 5.18-23 ART SHOW BUSAN (BongSung Gallery, BEXCO, Busan, Korea)

2016. 5.10-15 Seoul Open Art Fair (Baum Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2016.3. 34th Korea Galleries Art Fair (Nine Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2015.12.2-6. Aqua Art Miami (Womb Gallery, Aqua Hotel, Florida, USA)

2015.11.12-15 Shanghai Art Fair (Nine Gallery, Shanghai MART, Shanghai, China)

2015.11.3-8 Daegu Art Fair (Baum Gallery, EXCO, Daegu, Korea)

2015.10.22-25 BANYAF (Kimjaesun-Nine Gallery, Banyan Tree Hotel, Seoul, Korea)

2015.10.22-25 Singapore Affordable Art Fair (Gaga Gallery. Battersea, Singapore)

2015.10.6-11 Korea International Art Fair (Nine Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2015.9.10-13 Affordable Art Fair Seoul (Gallery Tableau, DDP, Seoul, Korea)

2015.8.21-23 2015 ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR (Nine Gallery, Conrad hotel, Seoul, Korea)

2015.6.4-8 Art Show Busan (Baum Gallery, BEXCO, Busan, Korea)

2015.5.21-24 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair (Gallery tableau, HK Convention, Hong Kong)

2015.3.20 33rd Korea Galleries Art Fair (Nine Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2015.3.12-15 Asia Contemporary Art Show (Baum Gallery, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong)

2015.1.21-25 Art Palm Beach (Gallery Tableau, Palm Beach County Convention Center, Florida, USA)

2015.1.21-25 LA Art Show 2015 (Gallery Tableau, LA Convention Center, LA, USA)

2014.11.20-23 Singapore affordable art fair (F1 Pit Building, Singapore)

2014.8. Lotte Hotel Seoul Art Fair (Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea)

2014.6. Art Collect Iran (Qasr Museum, Iran)

2014.6. Busan Art Market of galleries Affair (BEXCO, Busan, Korea)

2014.6. CA-U Ulsan Contemporary Art Fair (Hyundai Hotel, Korea)

2014.5. Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)

2014.5. Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX, Seoul, Korea)

2014.4. MAF (EDA gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2014.3. Fountain Art Fair (NY, USA)

2014.3. Pink Art Fair (COEX Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, Korea)

2013.6. Busan Gallery Hotel ART Fair (Busan, Korea)

2012.5. Hong Kong Contemporary Hotel ART Fair (Hong Kong)



2016 The 35th Korean Fine Art Association Award (Excellent Prize)

2006 The 21st Kyunghyang Housing Art Festival, Korea

2005 The 8th IAEWO, NGO-UN World Peace Art Festival (Excellent Prize)

2005 The 9th Nahyeseok Art Festival, Korea

2005 The 11th Haengju Art Grand Exhibition ,Korea

2005 The 7th Danwon Arts Competition, Korea

2005 The 3rd Seoul Arts Competition , Korea

2003 The 22nd Korea Art Contest, Korea

2006 The 14th MISULSEGAE Art Contest, Korea

2003 The 4th SIMSAIMDANG Art Contest, Korea

Best Award at the 5th DCA Advertisement Publicity Competition for University Students, Korea



2018.8.10.-11 DigifunArt Festival (Seoul,Korea)

2018.7.4.- 8.20 Minhwa, Meet the Hyundai : Flower Painting of Chosun Dynasty (Seoul, Korea)

2018.6.26.- 7.5 Uijeongbu Art festival展 (Gyonggi, Korea)

2018.6.25.- 7.30 甲子展 (Gyonggi, Korea)

2018.6.23.- 7.1 Seocho Association (Seoul, Korea)

2018.5.29.- 6.20 VIDI Exhibition of women`s group ( Seoul, Korea)

2017.9.22.-27 Seocho Association (Seoul, Korea)

2017.8.26-9.1 Schema – GIO Art Exchange (Incheon, Korea)

2017.8.14.-18 Art & Love (Seoul, Korea)

2017.7.21.-9.3 BARCODE展 (Gyonggido, Korea)

2017.6.27.-7.9 UAF Uijeongbu Art Fair (Gyonggido, Korea)

2017.6.21.-27 The 58th 甲子展 (Seoul, Korea)

2017.6.20.-7.23 Epilogue 2016-1 (Kangwondo, Korea)

2017.4.1.-29 Eight Colors and Spring (Geojedo, Korea)

2017.3.3.-5.31 Active 2017 (Jeollabukdo, Korea)

2017.1.3.-31 2017 Rooster Painting Exhibition (Gyonggido, Korea)

2016.11.15.-2017.2.2. HUMAN and NATURE, VMproject-14 International Rice Part-2 (Jeollabukdo, Korea)

2016.12.21.-26 Art Bisang, Gallery Suppoment (Seoul, Korea)

2016.12.16.-2017.1.8. Art Terminal-by the way-Exhibition2 (Gangwondo, Korea)

2016.12.15.-2017.1.3. Good Friends-Art Market (Seoul, Korea)

2016.11.3.-12.2 Schema Initiative (Chungju, Korea)

2016.8.17.-23 Art Mission regular Exhibition-The Truth of Art (Seoul, Korea)

2016.10.14.-23 Art Market (DSeoul, Korea)

2016.9.1.-28 Go8 Group of Eight (Daejeon, Korea )

2016.8.13.-23 Banditboori Exhibition (Incheon, Korea)

2016.8.2 – 7 HAKUNA MATATA (Seoul, Korea)

2016.7.16.-8.28 ART BARGAIN2 (Seoul, Korea)

2016.7.5.-8.27 GO8 (Seoul, Korea)

2016.6.15-17 Singapore Beauty In Grace Art Fair (Singapore)

2016.6.14-29 Goyang Flower Biennale (Goyang, Korea)

2016.4.23-5.22 Contemporary Art Exhibition (Jindo, Korea)

2016.4.1-7 Flying ECOLE 34 (Seoul, Korea)

2016.3.22–4.9 Sun-Moon-Flower (Seoul, Korea)

2016.3.3.-24 Enterance of Spring (Seoul, Korea)

2015.9.19.-29 korea Christian Art 50 Years (Seoul, Korea)

2015.8.10-20 IMAGE & VISION 17Th ART MISSION (Seoul, Korea)

2015.8.12-17 ATMOSPHERE–AT MOST FEAR (Seoul, Korea)

2015.4.25.-5.24 Contemporary Art Invitation, Spring&Breath (Asan,Korea)

2015.4.17-27 Second H-Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2014.12.1-6 Eco Pamme, Heart to Heart (Seoul, Korea)

2014.11.26-12.1 Ecole (Seoul, Korea)

2014.11.15-2015.1.15 Plus dot Project (Seoul, Korea)

2014.11.15-21 Ecole and 40 Artists (Incheon, Korea)

2014.11.10-29 Think, Love (Seoul, Korea)

2014.10.31-11.10 Plus dot Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2014.10.1-9 Art Mission Special Project Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2014.9.13-30 Art Bargain (Seoul, Korea)

2014.8.21.-9.12 With Love With Art (Incheon, Korea)

2014.8.12-10.29 Hommage of Modern Arts (Korea)

2014.8.9-15 Hero, Art&Love Art volunteer association (Seoul, Korea)

2014.8.1-31 601 Artist Exhibition (Korea)

2014.7.5.–7.11 Dong-Gang Contemporary Art Festival (Korea)

2014.6.11–7.10 Hope Gallery (Seoul, Korea)

2014.3 EV Project-SPACE (NY, USA)

2014.2.6-26 BLOOMING (NY, USA)

2014.1.7-27 Happy Present (Seoul, Korea)

2014.1.15-21 Welcome 2014 (Seoul, Korea)

2013.12.14-2014.1.4 artist’s present (Incheon, Korea)

2013.12.3-9 Blessing+3 (Seoul, Korea)

2013.11.17-30 Fresh Air Fine Arts Festival (Singapore)

2013.8.22-26 Friends! Art&Love Art volunteer association (Seoul, Korea)

2013.6.27-7.6 Chennai Chamber Biennale (India)

2013.2.28-3.6 Healing Arts (Incheon, Korea)

2012.10.13-14 Uiwang International Placard Art Festival (Uiwang, Korea)

2012.8.25-30 Reflection! Art&Love Art volunteer association

(Seoul, Korea)

2011.9.4-10 Let’s Go! Art&Love Art volunteer association (Seoul, Korea)

2010.8.25-30 How R U Nature? Art&Love Art volunteer association

(Seoul, Korea)

2009.2.18-24 Fantastic WWW 8th Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2008.1.28-2.4 Winter Wind WWW 7th Exhibition (France)

2007.3.7.-16 千汰万想上海 (China)

2006.11.13.-19 千汰万想皇城 (China)

2006.9.14-17 Flower! two artists exihibition (Seoul, Korea)

2006. Korean Fine Arts (Japan)

2006. Korean Fine Arts (Seoul, Korea)

2006. Kyunghyang Housing Fair (Kyunggido, Korea)

2006. Modern art spectrum festival (Seoul, Korea)

2006.3.17.-31 Modeum (Seoul, Korea)

2005.11.29-12.29 The Square Show (NY, USA)

2005.11.18-12.11 Toronto-New York ; SQUARE FOOT 4 (NY, USA)

2005.11.6-13 Contemporary Project in NY ; www 5th exhibition (NY, USA)

2005.10.1.-22 Danwon Arts Festival (Kyungido, Korea)

2005.9.25.-10.3 The 39th Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2005.9.2.-11 Haengju Art Grand Exhibition (Kyungido, Korea)

2005.8.16-21 OURS (Seoul, Korea)

2005.8.10-16 Seoul Arts Festival (Seoul, Korea)

2005.7.29-8.10 World Peace Art Festival (Kyungkido, Korea)

2005.7.19.-8.13 TIMING ; Ceres 13th Annual Friends Exhibition (NY, USA)

2005.5.13-16 The 1st Graduate School of Education, Department of Art Education (Seoul, Korea)

2005.4.20.-26 Red&Blue (ySeoul, Korea)

2005. 13th Insadong people (Seoul, Korea)

2005.2.3-3.6 Identity (NY, USA)

2004.12.4 EAT ART 7 (NY, USA)

2004.10.8.-24 The Last Picture Show at the Silk Mill Arts Building (NJ, USA)

2004.10.29.-11.2 The 38th Korean Fine Arts Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2004.8.4-13 Yesterday, oday,Tomorrow of Chungkecheon (Seoul, Korea)

2004.5.5.-25 Insadong Celebration for May (Seoul, Korea)

2003.12.20-26 human and nature (Ansan, Korea)

2003.11.21-27 Exhibition for 25 Contemporary Artists (Korea)

2003.11.19-25 The 11th Insadong People (Seoul, Korea)

2003.10.24-30 SIMSAIMDANG Art Contest (Kangrung, Korea)

2003.10.15-21 Korean Art-Today’s Situation (Seoul, Korea)

2003.10.21-11.3 100th Anniversary Exhibition for Korean Immigration (LA, USA)

2003.8.27-9.2The 2nd W.W.W Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2003.8.14-20 MISULSEGAE Art Contest (Ansan, Korea)

2003.7.9-15 The 2nd BITKKAL Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

2003.6.3-12The 22nd Korea Art Contest (Kyungki, Korea)

2002.10.30-11.5 The 1st BITKKAL Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

1989. The 2nd Exhibition for Members of Korean Computer Graphics Association

(Seoul, Korea)

1988. The 1st Exhibition for Members of Korean Computer Graphics Association

(Seoul, Korea)



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